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GuangDong Europe auto supplies set mold manufacturing. development,sales of motor vehicles as one boutique manufactures,pant area of 30000 square meters Out production scale powerful has a Group of higt-quality of staff standardizing the management strong technical demant the application of intenational city aftermarket leading the trend the company suppelies decorative car Culture .marteking idea closely the international fashion pulse of aediation uphold global business Network products favored by consumers at home an abroad we direct uphold pioneering and innovative high quality and reasonable price and amtually beneficial win-win business phiousophy Based on in the inernational market to provide you with better more complete products and services.

Guangdong Foshan Shunde Oushiba Car Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Business General Manager: He Zhiwen 13825555515
Business customer service 1:
Wu Jingxin Tel: 0757-25662662 Mobile: 18029255095
QQ: 980560528
Business customer service 2:
He Weihao Tel: 0757-25533755
Mobile: 18029255099
QQ: 2397708897